Managed Service

Don’t want the hassle of managing a website?

 Our Managed Services grants you access of up to 60 minutes (or more) of Cirrus Team time a week and is ideal for a single school who want to upload a regular newsletter and various general documents.

This service is free for the first year when bought with a web package if you do not opt for training, we will manage the content of your website for the first year at no extra cost (at tier 1).

Should you need it, we offer additional tiers which grant you more time per week. This is ideal for schools that have a lot of content, or federated sites. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out what we would recommend.

Managed Service Acceptable Usage Policy
  • Fair use would be considered up to 1 hour per week on tier 1.
  • Simple Complexity Content (e.g. single newsletter, policy or document) will be completed within 4 working hours provided there are no ongoing server or technical issues which may need prioritisation.
  • Moderate Complexity Content (e.g. page layout with multiple  images, files and text) that require specific deadlines should be notified 24 hours prior to requirement in order to allow resource allocation.
  • Fair use means tasks will be prioritised based on service demand – All customers will be allocated time evenly over a week.
  • Where possible content updates should be collated into a single digest on a weekly basis
  • Ongoing content updates to be supplied via electronic methods (e-mail, CD-ROM, SharePoint, one drive).
  • Where possible documents should be supplied in pdf format.


The managed service is load balanced so that time is fairly allocated to all schools. After this you will automatically be moved onto our managed service which will renew yearly.


  • Amends to content, including text and addition of documents such as policies and newsletters
  • Amends to images on the site, addition of galleries, resizing of images for optimal viewing
  • Submission of articles to the web system
  • Security & Maintenance Package (normally £195)

Not included

  • Complex Graphical design work and graphical editing
  • Template development or amends to existing template
  • Full Ofsted checks
  • Amendments to uploaded documents (e.g. PDFs) within the website

*Schools ICT manage over 500 domains over 3 Servers and resource allocation needs to be planned in advance. The managed service is load balanced so that time is fairly allocated to all customers.